Never Too Late – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review

What I would do if I met the developers

Back before the days of instant answers to all your questions and the desire to be the first to beat a game, there was a time where we enjoyed the thrill, personal journey with constant successes and failures in our video games. Some of us still have that desire and will not seek online assistance until after you at least beat a game once. That rule still applies in my own little small community of gamers. The Legend of Zelda: BOTW provide the level of satisfaction in SPADES. (One day I will show you the fundamentals of this if you still do not understand the serious of the card game) This is one of those games that encourages you to find your own solutions to a various array of puzzles, obstacles and challenges that are both simple and engaging. You will talk with you friends on how you defeated a certain “Lynel”. One will tell you he defeated one with a quickly timed dodge while another friend will tell you they used a bow to stun, while the other will inform you that they beat a Lynel simply using a Stasis + to freeze the Lynel while you attack with your most powerful weapon. The point is that this game provide a multitude of methods when approached every task, every Shrine, every battle. That is what makes this game so special, so unique is that it encourages exploration with trial and error. I will at least try to explain in a few excerpts below…

No Boundaries


The game begins with you awakening from the Shrine of Resurrection where you will begin your adventure with options on how or when you actually complete each objective. There is an element of order when it comes to the best way to approach each of the four Champions of Hyrule Bosses, but the games provides you the flexibility to attack each Boss battle in your own time with the tools provided. It’s up to you whether you use upgraded weapons and armor provided or you want to use brute strength with the few hearts you have in inventory, the choice is yours.

120 Shrines to find, you got nothing but time

Shrine’s are small bit-sized puzzles that will reward you with some much needed treasure to take with you along the adventure and a Spirit Orb in which you can use to increase your number of hearts and provide you a small boost in stamina. (Trust me you will need as much as possible to access certain areas of the game) Your arsenal of choice will be a combination of six pieces of gear to compliment your Sheikah Slate. The combat system is both simple yet provide enough variety to keep you full engaged. Starting with your weapon of choice, a bow with various arrow types, trusted Shield and you three pieces of Armor; Head, Chest and Legs. In Addition you have your Sheikah Slate that enhances certain abilities (Runes) and allows you to get past certain objectives. Circular Remote Bombs, Square Remote Bombs, Magnesis (To grab on metallic objects held in a magnetic snare that can be lifted up and moved freely, Statis (can be used to stop time on certain objects and enemies), Cryonis (Creates a pillar of Ice from any water source, and lastly you trusted Camera to take picture along the adventure of a lifetime. All can be enhanced and modified as you progress through the game

With a map as HUGE as this game you will need a few options to travel from place to place. Starting off, if you decide to foot it on take a mount to travel, it’ll take you a while to get from one place to the other but it also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the scenery, the creatures that populate Hyrule and you will without question find tools, weapons, and materials to help you on your quest. You can create combinations of meals using uncooked meat you’ve gathered, creatures you’ve defeated and materials that you’ve gathered to create a plethora of advantages. For example you can combine Raw Prime Meat with Bright-Eyed Crab and create a meal that will both replenish you heart in addition to providing you a stamina boost. You have elixirs that can help with handling heat, cold, even provide you a stealth boost to sneak past enemies.

You think I have enough hearts?

There are 4 Champions that for unforeseen circumstances need you assistance in releasing there spirits and its up to you to defeat the Divine Beast’s to free each individually. It would serve you well to approach each in order but your not forced to follow such a linear path to completing the game. As you can see in the image above I REALLY took my time before I decided to battle the final boss GANON. That’s the beauty in this game. If provides you the freedom and flexibility to do as you please at your pace, then talk amongst you fellow gamers and discuss how you approached each obstacle every Shrine and share strategies, THATS THE BEAUTY!!!


This game will provide you with at least 100 hours of exploration, confusion and satisfaction with every Shrine you master. Each Divine Beast you defeat or pieces of Armor you upgrade with the help of strategically placed fairies will force you to seek even better upgrades and replay certain missions seeking new ways to defeat old foes. So what do you do after you’ve beat the game? We’ve only scratched the surface. Remember you still have 120 Shrine to locate and master, in addition to two expansion DLC packs. Pack one contains the Master Trial. Trials of the Sword is an example of objectives that provide you with the bare minimum of tools needed to survive with 45 floors to complete . If you are lucky enough to complete all floors you get a pretty great enhancement to your trusted sword. Pack two The Champions Ballad is the second DLC that provided you a new storyline quest and new Shrines to explore. The Champions Ballad gives you a pretty cool weapon with a HUGE advantage and a HUGE disadvantage. It’s a one hit kill weapon on any and every enemy in the game, but also give you a quarter of a heart so that if you get hit once, you START ALL OVER. It’s challenging and not too difficult once you get the hang of things. These expansions will give you AT LEAST an additional 50 hours of playtime. In this day in age, a game that provides so much content is hard to find and much appreciated and this game has that in SPADES.

I rate games like I rate Haitian food

I would compare this game to a nice plate of Mayi Moulen with sòs pwa and crab with zabooka (Avacodos) on the side. There is so much going on in one plate you have no idea where to start. Traditionally you will receive each part of the meal in separate bowl or plate. Do you combine the sòs pwa with the Mayi Moulen and mix your meat in and eat it together, or do you eat it individually one at a time savoring each portion of your meal, you start with the crab work your way to the sòs pwa, snack on some zabooka in between Mayi Moulen bites the choice is yours. That is what The Legend of Zelda: BOTW provides, a plate of delicious food that you can choose how to approach it, but regardless where you start you will leave satisfied, full and begging for MORE!

Satisfye Pro Elite Gaming Bundle Review

Goes together with my Switch like Diri ak sous poi

 If you’re looking for a companion to your Nintendo Switch look no further then the Pro Gaming Elite Bundle. Below I’ll provide you with the Pros and Cons (very few if any) of this essential accessory to your Nintendo Switch.

I never felt that the designers over at Nintendo really took the time to figure out how anyone with normal human hands with opposable thumbs were suppose to comfortable play the Nintendo Switch without a pro controller. Take a good look at the design and you think “Yooo how the hell am I support to navigate and shoot at the same damn time with the button configurations” makes no sense. A console that I enjoy so much because of the portability was deemed pretty much useless when playing anything requiring both joy sticks along with constant button pushes. My thumb would get all crammed, I felt I was doing some long term damage to my hand not playing with my pro controllers while in bed or waiting at the dentist. I didn’t purchase the Nintendo Switch to be forced to play in front of my tv screen to be most comfortable. Again this isn’t a rant on the Nintendo Switch, its a great product and my opinions on it we can discuss at another time but about how essential this grip is since the moment a good friend told me about the products via Kickstarter a few months back.

The Satisfye Gaming Grip is designed to fit the Switch tightly to the point where I can comfortably walk around my home holding it with one hand knowing that nothing will go flying. The Plastic used feels high grade and grips to my hands firmly. I can finally playing FPS’s without complaining 30 minutes in because my hands are cramping. I can play NBA 2K19 now for longer periods all because of this simple accessories that Nintendo could not provide.

The Satisfye Gaming Ultimate Case is the case given with the Elite Bundle, you also have the option of purchasing the Grip Pro alone here. The case provides space for 20 cartridges where most manufacture cases only provide you space for about 10 to 15. In the middle is the space for your battery pack. The battery pack that fits can be purchased here. This provide your Switch with an additional 2 to 4 hours of game time for extended trips (Or playing processor hungry games like Zelda or NBA 2K19). There is also an additional zipper where you can throw in a few extra’s like your Joycon attachment thingy’s (I dunno what there called), and a few snacks lol. Seriously, the case is designed with very high grade material and doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. The case is a slightly larger then you would expect at about 12 inches in length so make sure you have the space in your backpack for it.

Pros: No more arthritis playing my Switch.
Comfortable to casual walk with one hand (Not recommended lol)
High grade plastic (I’ve dropped it a few times already)
Case is made with high grade material also (I have small kids, i drop things constantly) durability is important to me.
Can hold 20 games
Extra Zipper for additional accessories

Cons: Not a fan of the Thumb grips, just my opinion meh..
IMPORTANT-  Unplug the battery from your Switch prior to closing the case. There is the chance that while charging the battery it will bring the switch to standby and if it remains plugged it can get very hot and eventually fry your favorite portable companion if your not aware. (Happened to me twice)

If I was to rate this I would give this 5 stars, the cons are just opinion based and have nothing to do with the actually product. The current price point for me was about 45 bucks, so to me its worth every penny and a great gift to give anyone with a Nintendo Switch, TRUST ME THEY WILL BE GRATEFUL!